The most flexible and effective method ever for fast results, sociable music-making and performance opportunities!

  • Have you had guitar lessons or tried to teach yourself before but made slow, frustrating progress?
  • Did you get bored learning in way that felt irrelevant, uninspiring and out-of-date?
  • Would you love to learn an instrument but have no idea how this would fit into your busy life?
  • Do you watch the musicians among your friends or on television and think “I wish I could do that”?
  • Have you always wanted to perform or play with others, but just don’t have the opportunity or the confidence?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” and you live in any of the following areas: Croydon, Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington or Caterham, then you have come to the right place!

My name is Vicki Workman, and at Croydon Guitar Tuition, my teachers and I have helped hundreds of students with problems like these, and many more. We understand that life is busy and to make learning fun and rewarding for you or your child, you need to see fast results and learn the music that you love. In fact, our specialism is taking beginner guitarists who can’t play a note and transforming them into great musicians who can realise all of their playing ambitions. You won’t believe how much fun learning an instrument can be!

Are You Frustrated With Your Lack Of Progress ?

There are lots of reasons why people just like you give up on their guitar playing, or worse still, never find the confidence to start at all…for example…

  • Perhaps you’ve had lessons before but didn’t feel they were relevant to the kinds of music you listen to and are looking for a more personalised learning strategy
  • Maybe you’ve been teaching yourself from resources such as Youtube, tab sites, guitar magazines and DVDs, but are feeling confused and de-motivated by conflicting advice and unclear guidance
  • You might have watched your friends seem to pick things up easily and are worried that you’re just not a ‘natural’
  • Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn guitar, but you’re worried that your busy lifestyle will get in the way of your progress…

I Can Help You Play Guitar The Way You Want To

Sure, there are many ways to learn guitar. There are even many ways to learn guitar which will work… eventually. But why not choose the method specifically designed to give you the fastest, most flexible results for maximum rewards and enjoyment?

That’s exactly what my teachers and I at Croydon Guitar Tuition deliver. I’ve spent years devising the most flexible and effective method EVER for fast and enjoyable progress. Our tuition schedule means that you attend as many lessons as you like, at a time and on a topic that suits you. That means no getting bored with repetitive or irrelevant sessions, no gaps in tuition when your other commitments mean you can’t attend a regular slot, and the opportunity to progress up to 75% faster by attending multiple classes each week.

Need help outside of lesson time? No problem. Our amazing online student resources mean that you can get support with your playing at any time of the day or night, and even chat to your fellow students and teachers about your progress in our forum community.

Why You Should Learn Guitar With Me

I launched Croydon Guitar Tuition back in 2005, when I took the exciting decision to combine my love of music and teaching others with a rewarding career. Since then, I have enjoyed helping hundreds of beginner guitarists become great musicians.

In 2010 I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, a worldwide community of guitar teachers, who discuss new and innovative ways to help their students become incredible guitar players (and have a lot of fun in the process!). Since then I have gone from strength to strength, improving my knowledge and teaching skills immeasurably and, more importantly, passing all this good stuff onto my students.

In 2015, I didn’t take a summer holiday. Instead, I spent six days and nights in a hotel conference room with many of these guitar teachers at a very special Guitar Teachers’ Super Summit International, where I learnt EVEN MORE cool stuff about how to help my students become the guitar players they want to be!

Around the same time, I expanded to include our other teachers, Mike and Zak, who are bringing their own amazing skills and experience to our tuition packages. In 2017, we were joined by Dan, Jack and James. Between us, we have decades of experience as both musicians and teachers, and we love using this to help students just like you achieve their guitar playing aspirations.

We keep detailed notes on the progress of every single student so that together we can help you to track your development as a musician and achieve your playing goals, and we meet every single week to discuss and plan the best way to teach you.

Find out more about us here

When You Take Guitar Lessons With Croydon Guitar Tuition, You Will…

  • Learn the right things, in the right order, at the right time, so that you can measure your progress and not get overwhelmed trying to do too much, too soon
  • Enjoy the process of learning and practicing, so that you make fast, continuous progress
  • Learn how to practice the guitar effectively, so that you can gain maximum results
  • Regularly play with others, so that you can contextualise your playing in real-life musical situations
  • Improve motivation, relieve stress and enjoy the many benefits of sociable music-making!
  • Play the songs you love, which will help keep you excited and inspired
  • Improve your rhythm, timing, technique, aural skills and general musicianship
  • Experience the unbeatable thrill of live performance
  • Get opportunities to record yourself playing guitar, so that you can hear how far you’ve come!
  • Access countless additional extras such as jam sessions, showcases, special workshops and much, much more…

Still Have Questions ?

Choosing the right guitar teacher for you is a big decision, so naturally you’ll have questions… below you’ll find the answers :

Many people believe that they are ‘not musical’, but I believe that if you love listening to music or have any kind of interest in learning to play the guitar at all, then that’s all you need. After all, everybody has to start somewhere. Before you start lessons with me, I’ll find out a bit about your musical background and make sure that you’re learning things that are relevant to where you’re at and what you know. I place significant emphasis on getting you to play the guitar as soon as possible, and this can be achieved regardless of whether or not you can read music.
I am able to provide a guitar for you if you want to attend your free assessment lesson before buying an instrument. However, you will need one in order to practise
and progress in between your lessons, as this is when you’ll do the majority of your learning. My teachers and I will show you the best ways to practise the material you learn and will be on hand in between lessons to help you out if you get stuck.
This really depends on what you want to do with it. Think about the kinds of music you enjoy and would like to be able to play. If you’re into laidback singer-songwriter stuff and would like to learn to play some songs and maybe have a go at singing along, an acoustic guitar would probably be a good bet for you. If you listen to loud rock music and want to learn to play some crunchy riffs and screaming solos, then an electric guitar is more likely to be the way to go. There is no law that says you need to learn to play on one kind of
guitar before ‘progressing’ onto another. You should find an instrument that is going to get you excited to pick it up and play it!
When you request your free assessment lesson, I will offer you a choice of time slots. After this, due to our flexible lesson schedule, you’ll be able to choose when you attend each week. Lessons take place most afternoons and evenings and on Saturdays.
I have various different options available and the right one for you depends on a number of factors. All serious prospective students will receive a free assessment lesson with me before getting started. This is a chance for you to meet me in person and decide if I am the right teacher for you and for me to find out what results you are looking to get from your guitar lessons. From here, we can decide which guitar tuition format will suit you the best.
If your only concern is cost, then yes, you will definitely find cheaper guitar lessons elsewhere. There are many people teaching on the side, or perhaps a friend of a
friend who’ll fall into this category.  But, if you’re looking for great value, cost-effective tuition, then you won’t find our lessons expensive at all.

Here’s why: every tutor on my team teaches guitar professionally and as their main job. That means we are all completely focused on your guitar-playing progress – this isn’t just pocket money for us. I am completely dedicated (some might even say obsessed) with providing you with the very best possible value for money, and I do this by providing an amazing array of extras, such as workshops, performance opportunities, social events, additional resources, online communities, and much more. Our flexible and personalised teaching format is also truly unique.

All of these things mean that you are immeasurably more likely to make great progress, stick at it, and reap the rewards of becoming a fantastic guitarist – something you will not get from inexperienced guitar teachers who charge very little for their services.

I have a dedicated studio in South Croydon. It is bright, centrally-located, and easily accessible by car, bus, and train from Croydon and the surrounding areas, such as Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington, and Caterham
I was a travelling guitar teacher when I first started out and, for many people, the convenience of having a tutor come to their home may outweigh any arguments I could make to the contrary. However, I reached a point where I was spending several hours each day driving between locations, and I was having to turn away enthusiastic, budding guitarists who I just couldn’t fit into my schedule. Now, I am able to put more time into preparing better teaching materials and can help more students become better guitar players, so it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

There are too many practical benefits to list here, but a major one is that coming to my dedicated teaching studio limits interruptions from children, flatmates, pets, the phone ringing, and the doorbell being rang. That, in my experience, often disrupts at-home lessons. Students who come to my studio are typically focused and motivated to learn, make much faster progress, and can access all my teaching materials in one place. At-home lessons also work out more expensive for the student, as I would have to factor in petrol costs and travel time to my rate.

Generally speaking, I only take children aged 7 or over, as there are many reasons for doing so.
Unlike many traditional guitar and music teachers, I will not start by teaching you to read traditional music notation. Remember, my primary aim is to help you to play guitar as soon as possible. In my view, there is already a lot you will have to get your head and hands around in order to simply play the instrument, and adding reading music into the mix will be, at this point, an unnecessary additional pressure.

Think of the process a child goes through when he or she learns a language; first they learn to speak, then they learn to read. I look upon learning to play music in the same way; teaching a student music reading and music theory before teaching them how to play anything is the opposite way it should be done. Incidentally, I do have a few students who are learning to read music, but these students are beyond beginner level and have learned the music theory concepts they need to be able to understand how it works far
better than a beginner with no playing experience. Many teachers do teach their students to learn music reading first, but just because “this is the way it’s always been done” does not mean it’s the best way to learn.

Sure! I’ve spent years developing a teaching strategy which gets results for my students, and I’m confident that I can help you play guitar the way you want to. However, there are certain things that every beginner guitar player needs to know, and it’s my job to make sure you learn the correct skills and techniques so that you’ll be set up to play your guitar in the right way. I have a wealth of songs and riffs which I use, where appropriate, to help students learn different ways to play, and am always open to song ideas from students. If it is appropriate to teach a particular song or riff at a certain point in your development, then I will.

What I will not do is try to teach you anything that I think will be too hard for your playing level. Many beginner students request songs that are simply too difficult for them to learn immediately. This can lead to frustration and can even lead to the student giving up altogether. I would rather wait until I know you are ready to tackle something, so please be patient. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, there are lots of things you’ll be able to do on your guitar, and playing your favourite songs will be only a small fraction of this. Learning guitar can be tough, especially at the beginning, but once you have mastered the basics, there is so much more you will be able to do.

Well sure, you can start trying to teach yourself. You will find, however, that sooner or later you’ll need someone to answer your questions, someone to correct your playing technique, and someone to direct you towards lessons which are at the right playing level for you. In short, someone to help and motivate you to continue learning and playing.

Everyone who tries to teach themselves reaches a point where they get frustrated with what they are doing, lack direction, and ultimately feel like they’ve hit a wall with their playing. This is where a good teacher comes in. Not only will my teachers and I teach you the correct things in the correct order, but we’ll also make sure you’re having fun with your playing, are motivated to practise what you’re learning, and keep making progress. You just won’t get that level of help and support if you’re trying to teach yourself.

How long is the proverbial piece of string? This is actually a pretty impossible question to answer and here’s why. The possibilities of what you can do on the guitar are pretty much endless. Check out some virtuoso players in a variety of different genres: classical, jazz, blues, metal etc. These guys have spent many years getting their playing to the level it’s at now, and would probably be the first to admit that they still have a lot to learn.

How much progress you make with your playing depends not only on what is taught in the lessons, but also on how long you spend in between practising these concepts in
the right way. Everyone has different learning capabilities, levels of enthusiasm, and time to dedicate to learning guitar. Some students will get beyond beginner level in a matter of months, others can take much longer. Learning guitar can be tough, especially at the beginning, but once you have mastered the basics, there is so much more you will be able to do. The best way to progress steadily is to dedicate some time each and every day to practise the things you are taught in your lessons.

Ask yourself the following questions:

· What would I like to be able to play on the guitar (there will probably be several answers to this question)?

· What would have to happen for me to be able to play guitar the way I would like to (there will probably be several different processes that will need to be worked

Once I know what it is that you would like to achieve, I’ll be able to give you a much clearer idea of how you can move forward. Learning guitar can be a cool hobby, but it can also be a lifelong pursuit.

All I ask from you is 15 to 20 minutes each day. Research shows that budding musicians who take a little-and-often approach to their practice schedule make faster and more consistent progress than those who try to take on too much too soon, become overwhelmed, and burn themselves out. Just 15 minutes each day will guarantee you quick, rewarding progress – providing that you are practising the right things in the right way, of course.
Of course! We completely understand and support the importance of the academic commitments your child may have. Research has shown, however, that learning a musical instrument actually supports and boosts academic progress. Learning guitar can help your child with reading, verbal and mathematical skills, short- and long-term memory, creativity, confidence, and much more.

What Our Students Say

Don’t just take my word for it! I am very proud to have successfully helped hundreds of guitarists go from absolute beginners to very accomplished musicians .

“Every lesson is unique and fun””

“I enjoy the fact that every lesson is unique and fun. Vicki takes the time to reconnect with everyone, and gives us plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we may have (something I do too often). She is also quite happy to take a few moments and discuss songs I may be attempting to play outside of the lessons, offering tips and advice. The fact that I can pick a day of the week to come is great, and if I miss a lesson, it’s not a problem. Vicki sends weekly emails of what we need to practise and there are several links to online lessons in the students’ area of the website, so I can learn many things in my own time. The jam sessions and the twice-yearly performances that we do on stage for a bigger audience are quite fun and valuable to us as musicians, in my opinion.”

“She explains thing clearly, and my playing has improved a lot”

“I have been taking guitar lessons for two years. Before I started playing guitar with Vicki, I was learning with another teacher. I was ok and found reading music a little bit hard, but Vicki’s music playing was easier. I think that Vicki’s lessons are much better than my school lessons because she explains things clearly, and my playing has improved a lot since starting with her. I learnt Ed Sheeran, “Aura Lee”, “Ode to Joy”, and The Black Eyed Peas. I also find Vicki’s tuition videos extremely helpful. The thing I like best about the lessons with Vicki is the friendship within the group. I would recommend Vicki as a guitar teacher as she includes everybody in the lessons.”

Francis , aged 7
“Immediately impressed by the level of attention Vicki pays to the student”

“This is the first class that Hari has taken outside of his school, and so we really did not know what to expect. Hari says he was expecting to learn to read notes right away, but says that learning with tabs is a lot easier and so does not want Vicki to change anything. I was expecting something very generic and a one-to-many situation. Hari started with private lessons and I was immediately impressed by the level of attention Vicki pays to the student.”

Hari, aged 9
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The Thrill Of Performing Live

Many of our students feel ready sooner than they’d ever have imagined to take part in one of our twice-yearly Showcase events! These are an amazing way to experience the
unbeatable thrill of live performance with a full band, build your playing confidence and socialize with other like-minded musicians.

“Every lesson is unique and fun””

“I enjoy the fact that every lesson is unique and fun. Vicki takes the time to reconnect with everyone, and gives us plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we may have (something I do too often). She is also quite happy to take a few moments and discuss songs I may be attempting to play outside of the lessons, offering tips and advice. The fact that I can pick a day of the week to come is great, and if I miss a lesson, it’s not a problem. Vicki sends weekly emails of what we need to practise and there are several links to online lessons in the students’ area of the website, so I can learn many things in my own time. The jam sessions and the twice-yearly performances that we do on stage for a bigger audience are quite fun and valuable to us as musicians, in my opinion.”


Check out some of our students in action at the successful Showcase events we’ve been running since 2010.

Much More Than Just Guitar Lessons

Remember, at Croydon Guitar Tuition the fun doesn’t stop with your regular tuition schedule. You’ll have the chance to take part in countless additional extras, like specialist workshops, jam sessions, performance opportunities, social events, online resources and a student community.

Many of my students have become great friends and even gone on to form bands and jam together socially! Fully engaging in the raft of bonus activities on offer gives you or your child the opportunity to improve your playing even faster.

Get Started Today!

To start your guitar playing journey with Croydon Guitar Tuition today, here’s what you need to do:

1. Scroll down and click on the orange button to request your Free Assessment Lesson.
2. You’ll be taken to a form where I’d like you to tell me how I can help you with your specific guitar-playing goals.

Once I’ve received your request, I’ll call you so that we can discuss your playing goals in more detail and book in your lesson!

During this one-to-one lesson with me or one of my other professional guitar tutors, you WILL become a better guitar player, 100% guaranteed!

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