The Best Guitar Lessons in Croydon

  • Have you always wanted to learn guitar but just haven't had the time until now?
  • Are you looking to get your guitar playing off to the best possible start?
  • Have you had guitar lessons before but felt your teacher wasn't able to show you what you needed to know and seemed to lack any kind of a plan?
  • Maybe you took guitar classes at a college or music shop which were badly organised or failed to address your individual playing goals?
  • Have you tried to learn guitar from books and the internet but felt overwhelmed by all the information?
  • Are you a parent looking for the best guitar lessons in the area for your child?
  • Do you want to rock out, learn to play your favourite songs, or just have fun while learning to play guitar?

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If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you live in any of the following areas: Croydon, Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington or Caterham, then you have come to the right place!

My name is Vicki Workman and I specialise in taking beginning guitarists from not being able to play a note to having the skills necessary to become a solid guitar player with a raft of songs, techniques and experiences under their belts.

I have helped (and continue to help) many people, just like you, begin to realise their guitar playing ambitions.

As a full-time guitar teacher I am committed to helping each and every one of my students reach their potential as both a guitarist and a musician.

“My progress has been amazing; to be able to play a recognisable tune on my guitar after such a short time is astounding.” Read more


“Vicki’s lessons are like no music lessons I’ve had before. Within a single year of me having lessons with Vicki, I was up on stage playing ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC and ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton!” Read more


Why Learn Guitar With Me?

Many people wrongly believe that all guitar teachers basically teach the same stuff and all there really is to consider when looking for a teacher are cost, location and convenience, but this could not be further from the truth! I am passionate about what I do and spend a lot of time when I am not teaching working on materials and events which I believe will enhance your or your child’s development beyond simply just playing together in lessons. As teaching guitar is my full-time job, it is in my best interest to make your experience of learning guitar as fulfilling as I possibly can. Here are just a few things I do differently, which you could benefit from if you take guitar lessons with me:

  • You will learn the right things, in the right order, at the right time
  • You will learn how to practice the guitar effectively to gain maximum results
  • You will get opportunities to meet with other like-minded guitarists
  • You will play with other musicians, which will greatly improve your playing
  • You will work on your rhythm and timing as well as simply learning songs and tabs
  • You will learn to play like your favourite guitarists
  • You will learn to play loads of songs
  • You will have fun while making music
  • You will have the chance to perform in student showcases
  • You will get opportunities to record yourself playing guitar so that you can hear your progress
  • You will get an outline and summary of each lesson emailed to you every week

I Can Help You Play Guitar The Way You Want To!

I am a guitar teacher offering guitar lessons in Croydon, Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington and Caterham. Over the years I have spent many years learning guitar from numerous teachers, friends, books and online tabs and have faced many of the same frustrations as you! I found out the hard way that the only way of dramatically improving your guitar playing skills is under the guidance of a great guitar teacher. Since working alongside other guitar teachers, trainers all over the world, I have not only improved my own guitar playing but have learnt numerous strategies so that I am able to help my students in the most effective and dynamic ways possible. But don’t just take my word for it: have a look at my testimonials page to read about how far just some of my students have come with their guitar playing. The videos below are from a recent Performance Showcase Event I put on in Croydon for my students. I believe it is important to give my students opportunities to play with other guitarists and perform in front of an audience. This is just one of the additional things I do that sets me apart from other guitar teachers and helps to enhance my students’ overall development as musicians:

“Vicki has the interests of her students at heart. If you are intent on learning the guitar properly, Vicki’s classes are the place to do so.” Read more


“Vicki understands the ambitions of both a 9 year old child and those in retirement just looking to play recreationally. I would highly recommend to anyone to consider learning with Vicki!” Read more


If you live in Croydon, Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington or Caterham and are serious about learning to play guitar, I invite you to tell me more about your goals and aspirations. I will then call you to arrange a free introductory lesson. This is a chance for us to meet up and decide together whether I am the right teacher for you and you the right kind of student for me. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other in a relaxed, friendly environment. If you already have some playing experience, I can hear you play and help you move forward; if you are a total beginner, I can get you started on your guitar playing journey right away!

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Want To Play Guitar But Don’t Know Where To Start?

There are many reasons why you or your child may be interested in taking guitar lessons. Here are just some of them:

  • You love music and going to gigs – you often hear great songs and guitar riffs and think “That sounds cool… I wish I could play that”
  • You want to express yourself through playing an instrument, maybe with a view to writing your own songs or music one day
  • You want a hobby that’s rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying, not to mention cool!
  • You want to learn to play songs by some of your favourite bands or artists

“The lessons have broadened my musical tastes, and really heightened my love for music. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy Vicki’s lessons.” Read more

Katherine, 15

Been Trying To Learn Elsewhere But Not Making Progress?

Trying to teach yourself guitar or learning with a teacher who may not have your best interests at heart can be frustrating. Here are just some of the issues you may be facing:

  • Perhaps you’ve had lessons before but didn’t feel they were relevant to the kind of music you listen to and are looking for a more personalised learning strategy
  • You’ve been teaching yourself from resources such as Youtube, tab sites, guitar magazines and DVDs, but are feeling confused and de-motivated by conflicting advice and unclear guidance
  • You’ve watched your friends seem to pick things up easily and are worried that you’re just not a ‘natural’
  • You’ve worked hard at your playing but sometimes get frustrated and feel that you’re not practising the right material to achieve your goals
  • You used to play the guitar but have got rusty and are finding it hard to know how to resume your studies

“I really enjoy the informal approach of the lessons. Since retiring from work I have been able to fulfil my longing to play and haven’t looked back since.” Read more


Becoming the guitar player and musician that you want to be really is achievable; I can help you to set realistic goals and give you the structure you will need to reach them. I will give you opportunities to enhance your musical development by participating in group activities and student events designed to encourage and motivate students to become even better at what they love doing. Each student of mine is undergoing a personalised learning programme, based around their individual playing goals and aspirations. I’m proud to say that as a result, they stick with their studies and make real progress. Check out some more highlights from previous Student Showcase events held in Croydon:

“I would highly recommend lessons with Vicki – her passion for music and the guitar is obvious and infectious – I can’t wait to pick up my guitar and play!” Read more


“Charlie is beginning to feel a great deal more confident in his playing. In fact his confidence has grown so immensely that he is considering getting together with other kids at school to form a band!” Read more


Without a doubt, the most constructive thing you can do as a guitarist or a budding guitarist is to start working with an experienced guitar teacher who can help and guide you in the correct way. As your guitar teacher, I will ensure that you:

Learn The Right Things In The Right Way

Whilst there are some genuinely good online resources available, with no real accreditation or evidence available it may be hard for the beginner guitarist to identify the valuable material from the misleading. As an experienced guitar teacher I will be able to help you learn in the right way, answering your questions as you progress and demonstrating the correct playing techniques where necessary. This means that any problems will be ironed out there and then, making sure that what you’re learning is appropriate to your skill set and preventing you from becoming frustrated and wondering where you’re going wrong.

Optimise Practice And Stay Motivated

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As a guitar teacher, it’s my job to give you the encouragement and inspiration that you just can’t get from a book or on-line resource. I aim to support your learning and will work with you to structure your practicing in the most effective way, ensuring that you stay motivated by regularly reaching your goals and progressing as a guitar player. Unlike less hands-on approaches to guitar tuition, I will provide weekly feedback and guidance on how to take your playing to the next level and support based on your personal goals, and am on hand to answer queries between lessons to enable you to continue to progress before your next session.

“The lessons are varied, which makes them fun. I would recommend Vicki because without her support I would not have been able to progress so successfully.” Read more


Meet And Play With Other Students

Some students I teach want to form bands and play with other musicians; others are quite happy to strum and sing their favourite songs. Regardless of this, being able to play music with other people is hugely beneficial to your playing, is a great confidence booster and can be a lot of fun. I give my students plenty of opportunities to play with others and put on themed workshops, performance showcases and other group events, intended to enhance their general musical experience.

Much More Than Just Guitar Lessons – What You’ll Get If You Learn Guitar With Me
Vicki, the guitar teacher

I’ll develop a personalised course of study based around your individual goals and aspirations

I will teach you the things you need to know, while giving you to tools to be able to play the things you want to learn. Many guitar teachers adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy, which most students find irrelevant to their individual playing goals. I will spend time before and after your lessons working on material I know you will find interesting and inspiring, based on the information you have given me.

I’ll ensure you get the results you desire

The internet is awash with information for the budding guitarist. But this information is useless if you don’t know how to structure and apply it. I’ll work to ensure that what you actually get are results, which, after all, is what you’re looking for! I will ensure that you are given realistic goals that you don’t find overwhelming and practice material that will inspire you to keep playing.

You’ll get the chance to perform in student showcases

Twice a year you will have the opportunity to take part in a performance showcase at a live music venue in Croydon. This not only enables my students to show each other what they have been learning, but is also a great way for my students and their family and friends to meet up and socialise together. This is a great practice motivator; if you know you are going to be performing something in front of an audience, you really will strive to get it right.

“I have been playing guitar for 5 months and can play 7 songs. I think Vicki is a fantastic guitar teacher.” Read more

Aaryan, 7

“Vicki is a great teacher and lets you learn at your own pace while pushing you to learn new ways of playing.” Read more


You’ll have opportunities to take part in both private and group sessions

Many guitar teachers offer only private lessons to their students. Although private one-to-one lessons are the conventional way of learning, and are certainly viable in some situations, they can actually be very limiting to a student’s development. Think about it… how are you supposed to learn to play with others if you only ever play with a teacher? Having other players around you will reinforce everything you learn, and will motivate you to learn and play even more! You’ll also establish connections with other students like you.

Guitar teaching is my main job

Many guitar teachers have day jobs and teach in the evenings to supplement their income. Others are working musicians who “fit in” a few hours teaching a week around their other commitments. These teachers don’t have the time or energy to work on building and improving their teaching programmes. Guitar teaching is my full time job and I am able to spend time working on aspects of my teaching and playing which will directly benefit my students. Also, because I do not have another income to ‘fall back on’, it is in my very best interests to keep my students happy, motivated and progressing with their studies at all times. I am 100% committed to the development of my students!

“Tymen has learnt to do much more than I had hoped for in only a year! The results were almost instantaneous. Amazing!” Read more

Tymen, 7

I only teach for a limited amount of hours per week

Unlike some other guitar teachers, I don’t try and fill every available hour in the day with lessons. This either leads to the teacher becoming exhausted, due to the sheer amount of work they have to do before, during and after each lesson, or simply means that other important elements of their teaching, playing and business development get neglected or abandoned. I teach for a set number of hours each day, making sure I give myself plenty of time to work on planning lessons and developing new material which will benefit my students.

“Vicki is a really good teacher, she encourages you when you’re stuck and she tells you to never give up and keep on practising. She also lets you learn songs and riffs that you want to play.” Read more


I keep a file on each student

I keep a detailed file on each of my students, which includes information about their individual reasons for wanting to learn the guitar, their aspirations, the kinds of music they listen to and would like to be able to play and how far along in their development they are. Every student is different and, while there are some things which all beginning guitarists need to know, I believe that unless the material is kept relevant, it’s easy to become bored or disillusioned. I make sure my students are kept interested in what they are learning by helping them to apply new techniques to the music that interests them.

You’ll get support from me in between lessons

Most guitar students pay for an hour or half an hour a week with their teachers, and are then forgotten about once the lesson is over. I encourage my students to contact me with any issues or difficulties they may be experiencing in between lessons. My students’ continuing development is very important to me so I make time to ensure they are able to practice efficiently and help them work through any problems they may be having.

“Vicki has given Hari an excellent start and now he is really interested in learning more instruments and continuing guitar to become an expert.” Read more


You’ll get access to a plethora of articles and carefully chosen online resources

I have built up a wealth of material over my years of teaching, designed to help you in your playing, learning and development.

You’ll benefit from learning with an experienced and well qualified teacher

I have been teaching for over eight years, have a music degree and have taught for numerous organisations and music services. I also have plenty of practical experience, having played in bands, toured, recorded and done session work from a young age. I am a member of a worldwide guitar teacher mentoring programme and regularly discuss best teaching practices with other guitar teachers from all around the world. This means I can ensure that I am always offering the very best guitar lessons I can. Find out more about my background and credentials.

“I really look forward to lessons. I know that I will learn new things, and that I will have the time and support to help me improve.” Read more


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If you are looking for a guitar teacher, are serious about learning to play, and live in Croydon, Selsdon, Waddon, Sanderstead, Purley, Addiscombe, Shirley, Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington or Caterham, then I would love to hear from you!

“The lessons are easy to grasp, well explained and fun. Vicki is very patient and tries to include songs that hold my own interest.” Read more


Sign up here! Before we meet, I’d like to find out a few things about your playing experiences (if any) and motivation for wanting to learn guitar. Once I have this information, I will then contact you as soon as I can to arrange your free introductory lesson. I look forward to hearing from you! Vicki