Attend Welcoming Jam Sessions in Croydon, Surrey

Take your guitar skills to the next level by attending our jam and music sessions in Croydon, Surrey,regardless of your playing level or style. There is only so much you can learn from practising on your own and mastering the chords. I’m Vicki Workman, an experienced guitar teacher, and I have found that the best way to improve your playing outside of lessons is to jam regularly with other musicians who love music as much as you do. Our jam sessions take place regularly at our studio in Croydon and are suitable for all guitar players, regardless of level or style. Read on for more info on how our jam sessions will help you become a better guitar player…

Playing Real Music

As a guitar teacher, I believe in giving my students as well-rounded a musical experience as possible. This means that, in addition to their regular lessons, I encourage them to play real music as often as they can too. This could be in the form of learning to play their favourite songs, forming bands, or even performing in our twice-yearly student showcases. Sure, in order to become a great guitar player there is a certain amount of ‘stuff’ you have to learn: basic chords, some scales, listening skills, and music theory. But, I’ve found time and time again that just learning this stuff on its own doesn’t make you a great guitar player. The real fun starts when you get to apply the things you have been learning into real-life musical situations.

In my experience, it is always the students who regularly jam and make music with
others that make the most progress with their playing and feel the most accomplished. In turn, these students stick with their lessons, go on to become
even better guitar players, and have even more fun making music. After all, what’s the point in learning to play an instrument if the only person who ever hears you play is you, in the comfort of your own bedroom?

Why Our Jam Sessions Are Different

Many pubs run regular jam sessions, and while this is a great thing, I have found that they are not always suitable for players of every level. Students have told me in the past that they’ve felt intimidated at the prospect of getting up and playing in front of better players than them, or that they find the songs being played too hard. This can lead to frustration and even a knock in their confidence. On the flipside, more advanced players may find the material too easy and get bored just strumming the same chords over and over again with little opportunity to go beyond that.

I personally prepare materials for our jam sessions and ensure that there is something suitable for players of all levels. This way, you can be sure that the songs we play will be comfortable for you, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player. If you’re just starting out, you can strum some basic chords, or even have a go at a simple bass line. If you’ve been playing a while and would like to work on your improvisation or solo composition, no problem, you’ll get that opportunity. Even if you’re having lessons with another teacher, we can fit the material around what you are learning with them, so that you’ll be able to use it in real-life situations.

In more than 10 years of teaching, I’ve found these sessions to be invaluable to the development of my students’ playing abilities. I am continually looking for new ways to help them improve in the most effective and, of course, fun way possible, and I have found that these jam sessions are integral to achieving that goal. Probably the number one thing prospective students tell me when they contact me looking for lessons is that they want to learn to play their favourite songs. Our jam sessions are the perfect place to do just that!

Why You Will Love Our Jam Sessions

· They are relaxed yet structured, so that you only have to worry about which part is right for your level.
· They are a perfect way to practise playing guitar with other musicians in a no-pressure environment, so that you won’t feel intimidated in front of other players.
· They take place in a convenient Croydon location, so that you won’t have to travel
far to experience the thrill of playing with others.
· We play a number of well-known songs of different genres and from different eras; there’s something for everybody, regardless of musical taste or guitar-playing
· Whenever possible, a drummer and/or bass player joins us to help keep time and create more of a band-type experience.
· Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun and will improve your playing in ways you never thought possible.

Are You a Good Enough Guitar Player?

One of the most common objections I get from students when I suggest they start
playing regularly with others is that they don’t think they’re good enough yet.
Well, here’s the thing: if you never play with other musicians, you will never be good enough to play with other musicians. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, I’m afraid, and one which, at the outset, will require a bit of a leap out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re feeling nervous. But what I can say, without a doubt, is that once you’ve done it for the first time, realised what a lovely bunch of supportive people our students are, and experienced how much fun it is playing in time with others, not to mention the amazing improvement in your playing, you’ll wonder what you were worried about.

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you’ve always wanted to do. As I said before, what’s the point in learning to play guitar if you only ever sit in your bedroom, hunched over your amp with the headphones on, and no one else hears you? Give your playing the respect it deserves and hear it come alive alongside others at our jam sessions. Come along to one of our upcoming jam sessions at our studio in Croydon between and find out for yourself how rewarding and how much fun playing alongside others can be!

An Array of Benefits

As well as improving your guitar playing and having a lot fun in the process, our jam
sessions also provide guitar players with the ideal opportunity to meet other likeminded musicians. This is especially important if you’re having private lessons or teaching yourself and don’t get to interact much with other guitar players. Sometimes this can feel pretty isolating and can even cause some players to feel frustrated and stop playing altogether. Hanging out with other guitar players on a regular basis could help you:

· Get Your Playing Questions Answered – It’s amazing how many other guitar players have overcome the same playing challenges you are experiencing and can offer helpful solutions.

· Make New Friends – Get to know other guitar players who share the same musical
tastes as you.

· Find a Jam Buddy – Meet up with other players whenever you like and continue
improving your playing outside of the jam sessions.

· Form a Band – Students who have met at our jam sessions in the past have ended up forming bands of their own and creating their own music together. Pretty cool,

· Become Part of an Awesome Musical Community – I cannot stress enough how important it is to be around other musicians when you are learning an instrument. As well as making firm friends, you’ll stay motivated as you progress and take your playing from strength to strength.

Want to find out more about how our jam sessions will help you become a better guitar player? Contact me today to request a Free Assessment Lesson. I can then find out a bit more about your playing level and preferred styles of music and suggest the most suitable upcoming jams for you .



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