“Every lesson is unique and fun””

“I enjoy the fact that every lesson is unique and fun. Vicki takes the time to reconnect with everyone, and gives us plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we may have (something I do too often). She is also quite happy to take a few moments and discuss songs I may be attempting to play outside of the lessons, offering tips and advice. The fact that I can pick a day of the week to come is great, and if I miss a lesson, it’s not a problem. Vicki sends weekly emails of what we need to practise and there are several links to online lessons in the students’ area of the website, so I can learn many things in my own time. The jam sessions and the twice-yearly performances that we do on stage for a bigger audience are quite fun and valuable to us as musicians, in my opinion.”

“Makes the student feel confident in his or her abilities”

“The lessons are completely customised to each student and his or her learning style, and this makes the student feel confident in his or her abilities to learn something completely new to them. Hari enjoys the group lessons now and loves practising at home. I can most definitely see how he has grown from knowing nothing about a guitar to being confident to play in front of people and enjoy it!”

“Like no music lessons I’ve had before”

“Vicki’s lessons are like no music lessons I’ve had before. Within a single year of me having lessons with Vicki, I was up on stage playing “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton!”

“There is a great deal of flexibility”

“I really enjoy the informal approach of the lessons and the ability to talk and play with other budding guitarists. There is also a great deal of flexibility with
the lessons. For example, if you cannot make a lesson, you can attend at another time that week or make up the lesson at a later date.”

“My progress has been amazing”

“My progress has been amazing; to be able to play a recognisable tune on my guitar after such a short time is astounding.”

“Immediately impressed by the level of attention Vicki pays to the student”

“This is the first class that Hari has taken outside of his school, and so we really did not know what to expect. Hari says he was expecting to learn to read notes right away, but says that learning with tabs is a lot easier and so does not want Vicki to change anything. I was expecting something very generic and a one-to-many situation. Hari started with private lessons and I was immediately impressed by the level of attention Vicki pays to the student.”

Hari, aged 9
“Vicki is a fantastic guitar teacher”

“I have been playing guitar for five months and can play seven songs. I think Vicki is a fantastic guitar teacher.”

Aaryan, aged 7
“She explains thing clearly, and my playing has improved a lot”

“I have been taking guitar lessons for two years. Before I started playing guitar with Vicki, I was learning with another teacher. I was ok and found reading music a little bit hard, but Vicki’s music playing was easier. I think that Vicki’s lessons are much better than my school lessons because she explains things clearly, and my playing has improved a lot since starting with her. I learnt Ed Sheeran, “Aura Lee”, “Ode to Joy”, and The Black Eyed Peas. I also find Vicki’s tuition videos extremely helpful. The thing I like best about the lessons with Vicki is the friendship within the group. I would recommend Vicki as a guitar teacher as she includes everybody in the lessons.”

Francis, aged 7

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